March 12, 2018

5 Reasons Why High-Tech Companies Should Flock to Forsyth

New Chamber Project Manager

Scott Evans truly understands high-tech software companies, which is great news for the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce aka CFCC.  Scott joined CFCC two weeks before Christmas as the Senior Project Manager with a specialty in Technology.

When Scott worked for a managing consultant firm who specialized in building software, he had one role that essentially had him wearing six different hats: requirements gathering, process mapping, process improvement, communications with the development team, acceptance testing, and then implementation.

Insight into Forsyth’s Tech Sector

Scott is excited about the high-tech community in Forsyth and reflects why high-tech companies should relocate or expand into Forsyth County.  He referenced five key factors:

  1. Attractive Quality of Life, Schools, Parks and Recreation
  2. Largest Fiber Optics Cable – Runs the full length of GA 400
  3. Forsyth has the same critical infrastructure to support data as Atlanta
  4. Workforce Talent
  5. Access to Entertainment

In 2017, CFCC analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau on the traffic patterns of people who live here and work here.  Out of the 68,000 people who are traveling down 400 to go to work, CFCC found that when they broke down the data into what roles these people held and where they were traveling, the data skewed towards a high number of tech people driving into Atlanta for tech jobs.

Seeing the Benefits

Forsyth has some incredible high-tech companies already here, including:

  1. Scientific Games – provides gambling products and services to lottery and gambling organizations worldwide.
  2. Convergent Media – monitors digital billboards across the USA and world. They push out digital content to digital billboards in Times Square.
  3. LGI-MRI – builds big jumbo-screens that are in Times Square, Abu Dhabi and many other parts of the world.

These companies are here in Forsyth and thriving – all because of access to world-renowned talent, spectacular data capabilities, and fiber-optics.  If Scientific Games, Convergent Media, and LGI MRI are here and like it here, why wouldn’t other high-tech companies with similar clients come here too?  Avoiding the drive down GA 400 to Atlanta is a major convenience and time-saver for high-tech employees.

The Chamber’s Role

Many people have an opinion of what a chamber’s role is, but their opinion is not always accurate. CFCC is a conduit and a connector for aiding and building economic development here in Forsyth.  For example, on March 28, 2018, Scott is hosting the kick-off of Forsyth Tech Executives.  The goal is to get local tech executives together and find out what they need, what CFCC provides and how the Forsyth Tech Executives can help with communication efforts to get more folks like them here to Forsyth.  As Scott says, “Resources follows good ideals!”

Scott is under a directive to inventory which tech companies are here and push engagement with as many tech executives as possible, find out what these tech companies need and then support them on those needs.

CFCC has many strategic partnerships in place to help tech companies with site-selection and HR needs because of the conduit to resources already in place.

To learn more about Business Development Incentives in Forsyth County, click here. To connect with Scott Evans e-mail

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