May 24, 2018

Going Global – Another Record Breaking Year for International Trade in Georgia

The Numbers

Georgia’s international trade reached 225 unique countries and territories and exceeded 128.6 BILLION dollars!  Why such a high trade number? It’s because The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) has placed a high priority on international trade. Also, it provides much needed assets and assistance to help companies with international trade in GA.

According to GDEcD, in the past 10 years, trade has grown by 53 percent in Georgia, which now ranks eighth in the U.S. for total trade. With so much recognition world-wide, Governor Deal wanted to recognize the Top GA Companies with a GLOBE Award.


GLOBE stands for Georgia Launching Opportunities by Exporting. There were 40 companies recognized on March 20, 2018, and six of the 2018 GLOBE winners were first time exporters. In our own backyard, Hill and Mac Gunworks were one of the winners. Big CONGRATS to them!

GDEcD has done a fantastic job in providing knowledge and insight to help GA businesses strategize and achieve their exporting goals. They have put together an awesome international trade and services program, which you can learn more about here. Or you can watch this awesome video they created on how to grow your business globally.  The video highlights the how-to’s of:

  • Exporting
  • Performing customized research by country
  • Finding global partners to support your business
  • Finding international buyers

A Global Snapshot

As highlighted in the 2017 International Trade Numbers Report, the worth of Georgia exports reached $37.2 billion. That is a four percent increase over 2016. India moved into the top 10 export markets for the first time with a 167 percent increase in exports, totaling more than $1 billion. Other key export markets with significant growth in 2017 include The Netherlands, Germany, China, and Singapore with a 36 percent, 17 percent, nine percent and eight percent increase, respectively.

Aerospace remained the leading export industry for Georgia in 2017 with exports totaling more than $8.3 billion, a four percent single year increase largely due to powered aircraft exports to India. Poultry exports from Georgia grew by more than 22 percent in 2017 and totaled $1.05 billion. Exports of medical devices and pharmaceuticals exceeded $1.5 billion worldwide, with Belgium remaining the top export market in the industry for the seventh year in a row.

We welcome you to ask Robert Long, VP of Economic Development, what he is doing to support global trade in Cumming-Forsyth. You can email Robert, or visit our newly launched website, You can also take a look at the top international employers in Forsyth County.

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