July 1, 2019

Technology Sector in Forsyth County on a Rise

Last Thursday, Digital Ignition held a ribbon cutting to announce its designation as a Blockchain, AI, IoT, and Business Innovation partner of Forward Forsyth Economic Development Partnership Entity

Digital Ignition, a co-working launching pad for innovative companies in North Georgia, had a lot to announce at its Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on June 27, 2019. Georgia’s Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan, along with key members of the technology and business community, attended the event to recognize this outstanding announcement.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The ceremony was an exciting event with elected officials, business leaders, key technology community members, and many more in attendance. Introducing the new designation were Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan; Joanne Sanders, General Manager of Digital Ignition and president of EQISE Communications; Forsyth County Board of Commissioners Chair Laura Semanson; Scott Evans, Senior Technology Project Manager of Forward Forsyth; and Benjamin Andrews with Advanced Technology Development Center. “We’re not cutting a ribbon on a facility,” Duncan stated. “We’re cutting a ribbon on a vision.”

At the ceremony, Digital Ignition announced its new designation as a blockchain, AI, IoT and business innovation partner of Forward Forsyth. Sanders also introduced some of the new services that it is offering with its new designation, like attorney, accounting, networking, and other incubator services. Andrews spoke on the quality of the entrepreneurs and companies that are working out of Digital Ignition. Big ideas are coming from Digital Ignition, and it will no doubt bring more with the new services and continued attention to progress. “We want to earn the title [of Georgia being the east coast’s hub of technology],” said Duncan, “and it’s opportunities like this, it’s ideas and visions like this that if we can replicate all over the state, genuinely replicate, then we will become the technology capital of the east coast”.

The event was also covered by Forsyth County News.

Recent History and the Expansion of Digital Ignition

In the last few years, the technology sector of Forsyth County has become a growth sector of the local businesses and community. As a result, Digital Ignition in south Forsyth has become home to experienced professionals that are launching innovative companies. In fact, approximately 50% of current members are former Fortune 500 executives who are creating new companies with real-world business acumen and key industry connections.

In 2016, with the guidance and support of entrepreneur Kyle Cerminara, Chairman & CEO of Ballantyne Strong and CEO & Co-Founder of Fundamental Global, Digital Ignition was launched to create a culture of practical innovation and collaborative leadership. It was initially run as a co-working space, but has become much more. “Expanding Digital Ignition’s services to foster this powerful level of entrepreneurship is something our leadership understands,” stated Joanne Sanders, President of EWISE Communications and General Manager of Digital Ignition. “We are committed to building the right partnerships and initiatives to provide best-in-class business growth.”

Economic Impact

In collaboration with Forward Forsyth, Digital Ignition has increased its occupancy from 15 to 90 percent and continues to build a network of innovative businesses. “Today, a large part of success is driven by an organization’s ability to work together and adapt to technological advancements,” stated Scott Evans, Senior Technology Project Manager at Forward Forsyth. “With its expanded services, Digital Ignition is a tremendous resource for startups and existing companies that are focused on innovation and growth.”

Digital Ignition’s business model also aligns with the objectives of other key entities such as the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). As a result, GDOT enlisted Digital Ignition to spearhead and host their first Smart Vehicle Tech Challenge in the Fall of 2019. This program, the first of its kind, was created to leverage Digital Ignition’s talent pool to unlock data opportunities that can be incorporated in smart cities and connected vehicles.

“Without a doubt, Digital Ignition’s leadership team understands the power of community collaboration, the details behind technology and data, and the importance of purpose-driven innovation,” stated John Hibbard, Operations Division Director at GDOT. “The Georgia Department of Transportation is excited to be coordinating with Digital Ignition to create a Tech Challenge later this year.”

Digital Ignition

Learn more about Digital Ignition and schedule a tour by visiting www.digitalignition.com. To schedule an interview, please call Joanne Sanders at 404.644.2779 or email jsanders@ewisecommunications.com.

July 1, 2019 Communications Coordinator