July 24, 2019

New Web Application Shows Current Happenings in Forsyth County Realty

Graphic of map that says Insight2Forsyth Find what's around you


Recently, Forsyth County Government released a web application called Insight2Forsyth. The web application provides a wealth of information for residents of Forsyth County. With this information in hand, Forsyth County residents—or those non-residents who are simply curious—can acquire credible, verifiable information about what is occurring throughout the county.

The web application was specifically created by Forsyth County Geographic Information Services (“GIS”). This team works with other Forsyth County Government departments to “provide accurate, consistent, accessible, affordable, and comprehensive GIS data, GIS infrastructure, and GIS services to support the unique business needs of Forsyth County and the citizens we serve.” Insight2Forsyth is just one more way for them to accomplish its mission. By taking advantage of Insight2Forsyth, residents can have the confidence that you are relying on accurate, complete data in your research.

New Accessible Information

Insight2Forsyth offers a wide range of information. Residents can obtain information and status updates about zoning applications, permits, variances, and other properties that contain proposed action. For instance, users can see new applications for zoning changes or variances, special use permits, and zoning condition amendments. These are just a few examples, but the overall focus of the app is presenting users with insights into plans that are being proposed in the community.

On Insight2Forsyth, users can see a map of Forsyth County along with a variety of colorful shapes on the map. The shapes represent data sets, including new permits (like road construction permits and site development permits) and recent decisions (like appeals for zoning). By clicking on any of the shapes on the map, users have the ability to learn more about the particular item. By clicking on a site development permit, for instance, users are directed to further information about the permit on the Forsyth County Government website.


The web app developers placed extra effort into making Insight2Forsyth as intuitive as possible. Part of the magic lies in the platform that the developers chose. By choosing the best possible platform, users are able to experience Insight2Forsyth with no frustration or angst.

“Insight2Forsyth utilizes the Ersi platform, which is the gold standard for GIS,” said Robert Long, VP of Economic Development, Forward Forsyth. “This provides a great interface for residents to stay informed.”

In addition to easy access to data in Forsyth County, Insight2Forsyth provides users with other helpful tools. Users can press the crosshairs icon to automatically center the map on their location. Alternatively, they can manually enter their address (or another address) to see potential projects near their area. Users can draw lines and other shapes on their map in order to draw attention to certain items. Insight2Forsyth users can measure the acreage of a certain area of the distance between two points on the map. Users who want a paper copy of their map can easily print it at any time. And when users are finished annotating their map, they can easily share their map—either by sharing the map’s link or by embedding the map on a particular website.


The functionality and customization in Insight2Forsyth lets any user leverage the data for his or her needs. For example, a Forsyth County resident can access Insight2Forsyth in order to see if any new permits have been granted in their area. Additionally, a business owner outside of Forsyth County may use Insight2Forsyth to scout out potential locations for a new branch. Pulling up the Insight2Forsyth website, the business owner can see if there are new appeals for zoning or road construction permits in a particular area. With that information in hand, the business owner can make a decision on where to open a branch of their business in Forsyth County. If the business owner is seeking counsel, they can easily share their annotated map with partners or colleagues.


In conclusion, Insight2Forsyth can provide users with a wealth of granular, relevant data that would have been cumbersome to collect individually. This app is just one additional tool that helps residents and non-residents learn more about Forsyth County. While all of this data and information would have been difficult to gather in the past, Forsyth County Government has created this free web app that is comprehensive, yet extremely easy to use.

You can access the web app by visiting www.forsythco.com/insights.


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July 24, 2019 Communications Coordinator