August 7, 2019

County Ordinances and Staff Help Businesses in Forsyth County

Sign displaying the words "come in were open"

Over the past year, the Forsyth County Government has implemented changes designed to bring business into the County, as well as providing assistance to new and existing businesses as they navigate the permitting processes.

New Economic Development Ordinance and Other Changes

To attract new businesses, the Forsyth County Government has updated its Economic Development Ordinance and adopted a Schedule of Criteria. The Schedule of Criteria presents the business community with an outline of the type of businesses that the county is looking to incent while also outlining the criteria for incentive eligibility. The target industries in the Schedule of Criteria were identified in a strategic plan that was formulated with significant community input. 

The Economic Development Ordinance can be found here and the Schedule of Criteria can be found here. You can also find other incentives here.

From the Economic Development Director of the Forsyth County Government

“I think that when people hear the phrase ‘economic development’ they immediately think of big businesses and big announcements. While I think all of that is an important part of the equation, Forsyth County Commissioners have taken it a step further by recognizing that success is measured even more greatly by follow-through, by making sure that businesses are able to reach the finish line by opening their doors and really thriving,” says Economic Development Director of the Forsyth County Government, Vivian Vakili.

Vakili is part of the county governments’s administration and part of her role entails assisting larger commercial projects that receive an expedited permitting incentive through the county’s Economic Development Ordinance that navigates issues spanning multiple departments.

August 7, 2019 Communications Coordinator