September 18, 2019

Halcyon: Forsyth County’s Next Big Thing


From the attractions around Lake Lanier to the Cumming Fairgrounds, both residents and visitors alike can take advantage of a wealth of entertainment options. On September 18th, Forsyth County will welcome a brand-new mixed-use development. It not only offers restaurants and retail opportunities, but hotels and residential units. Halcyon will create a significant economic impact on Forsyth County and the metro Atlanta area. With its motto of “Where Celebration Happens Freely,” Halcyon promises to be a fun, game-changing mixed-use development that will provide value to both residents and visitors alike.

The Basics

Halcyon is the latest mixed-use development that is capitalizing on the trend of suburban residents seeking high-end options for dining, shopping, and living. It is approximately 135 acres and is located on Ga. 400 off of Exit 12.

Shopping and Lodging

This $370 million development  has a healthy mix of restaurants, retail, offices, and residential accommodations. The dining options—which you can find here—include an eclectic group of cuisines. They range from Mexican and Chinese restaurants to a dine-in movie theater. The shopping options include everything from the Mercedes-Benz Experience Center to Apricot Lane, which is a women’s boutique apparel chain specializing in high-quality fast fashion. Halcyon also includes two future hotels and 650 residential units, which are expected to range from $400,000 to $600,000.

The tenants opening on Wednesday, September 18th during Halcyon’s “First Glimpse” are Cherry Street Brewpub at Halcyon, It’s a Sweet Life, Kilwins Alpharetta-Halcyon, Mercedes-Benz Experience Center by RBM of Alpharetta, Popbar Alpharetta and RW Design & Exchange. A portion of the food stalls inside Halcyon’s Market Hall will also open that Wednesday.

Common Spaces

Ultimately, Halcyon offers an intimate community to its residents and visitors. The emphasis is on creating a warm, friendly community. It is centered on not only high shopping and dining but also enjoying the natural beauty of Forsyth County. Halcyon complements its natural surroundings while providing a wide range of amenities within the complex. For instance, the developers included paved pathways within the community and a common green at the center. Those pathways are a place where visitors and residents can congregate. These subtle features are important and create a positive, optimistic environment where people want to work, play, and live.

The Benefits to Forsyth County and Metro Atlanta

Halcyon isn’t the first type of mixed-use development in Forsyth County or the metro Atlanta area. But Halcyon does represent a massive economic opportunity for both residents and businesses.

Unique Finds Bring Visitors

One significant benefit from the opening of Halcyon is that it provides a terrific opportunity for visitors to come to Forsyth County. RocaPoint Partners, which acquired the property four years ago, is focused on inviting an eclectic group of retail tenants into Halcyon. These tenants are quite unique and are difficult to find in the metro Atlanta area. Because of this, Halcyon represents an attractive option for visitors who want are looking for a night full of great food and entertainment. Also, due to the pedestrian-friendly nature of Halcyon, visitors can spend hours browsing the shops or eating a terrific meal at one of Halcyon’s restaurants. Ultimately, residents and visitors of the metro Atlanta area may seriously consider a visit to Forsyth County because of the fun and unique shopping and retailing opportunities at Halcyon.

Developed Space Invites New Businesses

One of the most compelling benefits from Halcyon are the commercial opportunities. Developers have offered a whopping 500,000 square feet of retail and office space to tenants. And as discussed above, most of these tenants are unique and cater to shoppers with all types of preferences. The tax revenues from these tenants will help advance many important initiatives throughout Forsyth County. Ultimately, the economic effect of these additional tax revenues is meaningful and will play a role in the future of the community.

Finally, the Halcyon complex is Forsyth County’s next big thing because it capitalizes on this trend of high-end, mixed-use villages. Several other examples of this type of development include The Battery complex (which is attached to the Atlanta Braves’ SunTrust Park) and the North Point Mall project in Alpharetta.

An Exciting Development in Forsyth County

While residents and visitors in Forsyth County already experience a high quality of life, the pending opening of the Halcyon complex represents yet another example of what makes Forsyth County special. Whether you are interested in visiting or operating out of Halcyon, we believe that you will be satisfied. Therefore, we encourage you to take a look at Halcyon. Do some research and think about visiting. By doing this, we are sure that you will discover that Halcyon offers something for your particular needs.


To learn more about Halcyon, don’t hesitate to check out its website. Here, you can find more information about Halcyon’s dining, shopping, and living options. You can also click here to find news, articles, and the latest progress on Halcyon’s development.


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September 18, 2019 Communications Coordinator