April 15, 2020

Forsyth County’s Temporary Order Allowing Additional Business Signage

Forsyth County Board of Commissioners Chairman Laura Semanson has signed a temporary Additional Signage Allowance order providing restaurants and retail establishments the opportunity to place additional signage advertising their modified business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The order authorizes businesses to place additional signage for emergency purposes, such as:

  • Whether they are open for business and any modified hours of operation
  • Public safety protocols
  • Alternative avenues for conducting business such as curb-side service or online business
  • Enhanced or alternative price lists
  • Other forms of communication that are required due to the evolving nature of the business environment during the local State of Emergency

“We understand that some in our business community could use additional ways to communicate with their customers,” said Semanson. “The purpose of the order is to assist these local businesses and restaurants during a time of national crisis.”
In addition to any signage currently authorized by the Forsyth County Sign Code on a lot, two additional expression signs, as defined Section 66-105 of the County’s sign code, and two additional sign devices that are allowed for up to 10 days, as defined in Section 66-103, may be installed on the lot. No permit is required to erect this additional signage. Searchlights are excluded from this allowance.
Expression signs can generally be up to 10 feet tall and have a sign face of 32 square feet. This additional allowance does not allow these signs to be placed in the right of way.

Sign devices are defined as the following:

  • Air or gas-filled balloons or other devices which have a capacity for air or gas which exceeds three cubic feet
  • Streamers or two pennants
  • Banners with a maximum size of 32 square feet

The additional signage may be placed immediately and must be removed by the business upon the expiration of the County’s declared State of Emergency, which is scheduled for May 13, unless extended. To learn more click HERE.

April 15, 2020 Laura Stewart